NICORA is bringing the world modern shoes while changing the fashion industry's relationship with its workers and the environment. NICORA footwear products are produced thread to finish on US soil by skilled artisans in Los Angeles, California.

Each raw material input is domestically sourced, premium grade and environmentally friendly. No part of the supply chain or production process involves the exploitation of humans, animals or the environment.

Stephanie Nicora is the designer behind the NICORA line. Stephanie apprenticed under master artisans before endeavoring to rebuild the American shoe industry one pair at a time. 

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NOTE: Be as precise as possible, shoe sizes vary by the millimeter!

While sitting, with socks on...

1) get a piece of LETTER sized paper, a pen and a cloth measuring tape (or string & a ruler)
2) sitting down place foot on paper, however it fits best
3) with the pen perpendicular to the paper and snug against your foot - draw a complete outline of your foot.
4) do NOT angle pencil to make it around toes or arches. Straight up and down
5) next - using the cloth tape take a ball measurement of your foot (the largest part right behind big toe and baby toe joints) all the way around your foot. Circumference. Keep the tape snug. Repeat - snugly all the way around the foot.
6) write the ball measurement on paper - you will see from your foot drawing the ball measurement is angled, not straight across.
7) scan and email the drawing to - do NOT send a photo of the drawing or else size dimensions will be lost.