How we’re changing the shoe industry (and world) with materials - Part I

Reyes Florez

Posted on May 08 2016

Sadly, the shoe industry is one of the most destructive industries in the world. Producing materials for shoes creates an incredible amount damage to the planet and uses more energy than our Earth can support. Here at NICORA we are taking a stand and facing this problem head on by managing our material supply from thread to finish. This is not the norm in the shoe industry, and it is certainly not easy for a business to be so involved in the material selection process – but for us it’s the only way we can, in good conscience, build a better shoe industry AND be able to honestly say our shoes did not harm the environment, any human, or any animal.

We love our Goodall sandal not only for its beautiful design and all-day comfort, but also because of how meticulously sustainable it is. The fabric used to create the sandal are made from recycled clothing waste and plastics processed in the USA, our home. We work with a mill in South Carolina, where textiles have been made for centuries. We are incredibly proud to be able to guarantee this product is safe for the environment and built with love and care.

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