How we’re changing the shoe industry (and world) with materials - Part II

Reyes Florez

Posted on May 17 2016

The energy to create 1 pair of leather shoes is equivalent to the energy needed to power an average American home for a whole year. Even non-leather fabrics requires massive amounts of energy to create.

This is why we are unwaveringly strict about our materials selections for every pair of NICORA shoes. We choose to reduce our carbon footprint by focusing on high-tech, recycled materials that are made with clean energy in the USA. They are stronger and more beautiful than the cheap plastic fabrics that are commonly manufactured abroad, and our use of recycled clothing materials addresses the issue of 10.5 million tons of annual clothing waste head on. We source our recycled materials right here in the USA and buying local means we get to know our vendors personally (hooray for new friends!) and ensures we work as a team to uphold our environmental standards. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to a historic American industry and community through materials sourcing and shoemaking.  

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