5 Secrets to Make Shoes Last Longer

Reyes Florez

Posted on March 01 2017




1. Don't drive in your favorite shoes

Yes. Crazy but true, nothing will wear out the back heels or toes on your shoes faster, then the constant rub of putting the pedal to the metal. Try flip-flops or a designated driving pair instead of your favs.

5 tips to make shoes last longer by NICORA

2. Check your Heels & Soles

Heels wear out with regular wear, make sure that heel pins aren't showing on high heels or that the wood isn't showing on your Sinclair boots. This can damage the shoe permanently. Replacement needs range from every 6 months to 2 years depending on the wearer. Soles may also wear out, less frequently, but be sure to keep an eye on them. NICORA does eco re-soling or re-heeling for all of our shoes, or your local shoe repair shop can handle the job too!

3. Keep shoes clean

Dirt and grime build up can damage or discolor your shoe uppers on the long term. Muddy uppers should be gently cleaned with small amounts of warm water to keep the integrity of the color and feel of the materials. Dust or light dirt can also change the appearance of your shoes over time, dry cloth cleaning should do the trick. Pamper your shoes, they are your babies.

4. Hide them from the pets

If we had a dollar for every time we repaired a shoe chewed up by a dog... Shoes are so enticing to dogs, especially really beautiful well-made ones it seems. Make sure your pups can't get to your favorites.

5. Buy Quality / Non-Disposable

Resist the urge to buy those wear it once cheap shoes from Forever 21 or Zara. They won't last (and you already know how they were made). Save for quality pairs from an ethical brand OR If you need to spice up your wardrobe try adding colored laces to your boots, or ribbon laces to change the entire shoes appearance. There are also shoe "accessories" like clips where you can instantly bedazzle an old pair of flats, heels or sandals. They are the coolest!!! Also, If you must get the latest fads though, we bet a million bucks you can find something similar on Etsy ;-)... vintage is the coolest.


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