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Five Tips To Make Your Favorite Shoes Last Longer

Professional Tips To Make Your Shoes Last Longer

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Of all of the people in the world we know what its like to be obsessed with your favorite pair of shoes, from never wanting to take them off, all the way to wanting to keep them in the same brand new shape forever. And while we also know, shoes do, in fact wear out, they just do, (this is one of the reasons why we offer shoe repair as a regular service here at NICORA) but we've also got a few tricks up our sleeves to keep your shoes looking newer for longer. Honestly, keeping your shoes in better shape for longer isn't that complicated. It just requires a few adjustments on your daily habits, and once you're used to them, it'll be second nature. 


1. Dress Shoes Are Not Driving Shoes 

Ok, so maybe don't try this one around someone you need to impress, but you can save your shoes a lot of distress by taking them off when you're in the car. Obviously, we want you to look great on road trips (and everywhere else), but nothing will wear out the heels or toes on your favorite shoes faster than driving. See, it's the constant rub of putting the pedal to the metal that destroys your shoes. We suggest keeping a pair of sandals in the car, or designating some super-comfortable, super-convenient driving shoes, and slip on your favorites when you've arrived. 

Five Tips To Make Your Favorite Shoes Last Longer

Photo by Michelle Kim


2. Check Your Heels And Soles

Simple as it sounds, one of the best things to do for your footwear is to just check. All it takes is a quick look at the bottom of your shoes to know when they're in need of a little TLC. The heels of your shoes are going to wear out with regular use. We don't like it either, but that's life. Keep an eye out for these two things: 1. Make sure that heel pins aren't showing on high heels. 2. Check for exposed wooden parts showing on boots, like Sinclairs. Because these two things can damage shoes permanently. On average, your replacement needs will range from 6 months to 2 years depending on, well, you really. How often you wear your shoes, how you treat them, etc., all of these factors make a difference in the longevity of your shoes. Not to fret though, you can always count on us to do eco-friendly resoling or reheeling for all shoes purchased through us. If you'd prefer not to send them in, you can search locally for a cobbler in your area, but we're always here if you need us. 

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3. Clean 'Em

We're not your mom, and we can't tell you what to do, but we highly recommend keeping your shoes clean. In most cases all it takes is a quick dusting. Just bear in mind that dirt and grime build-up can damage or discolor your shoe's more sensitive uppers, over time. Muddy shoes should be gently cleaned with small amounts of warm water to keep the integrity of the color and to maintain the feel of the materials. Dust or light dirt can also change the appearance of your shoes if overlooked. A quick dusting with a dry cloth, should do the trick. Daily maintenance is key to keeping you shoes in top shape. 


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4. Hide Them From The Pets

Seriously, if we had a dollar for every time we repaired a shoe chewed up by a dog, well, we'd probably still be making ethical footwear, cause it's what we love. And we know you love your dog, shoot, we'd probably love your dog too, but shoes are so enticing to dogs. Our furry friends can't quite seem to get enough of things that smell just like us, which is adorable, and also a massive pain at times. No matter how especially well made, and like really, really beautiful your new shoes are, a dog just won't ever be able to quite understand why they're not for chewing. This one is on you, make sure your pups can't get to your favorites. Ugh, cats too. Did we forget cats? And their claws? Need we say more?

5. Buy Quality, Not Disposable

We love a good trend, but wasting money is so, um, wasteful. Not a fan. Resist the urge to buy those wear-it-once cheap shoes from, all over the place. They're everywhere. They're taking over. And they won't last. And you already know how they were made. We'll spare you the gory details, just this once. It's not just animal welfare, but the environment. Spend on quality pairs from ethical brands, and if your wardrobe needs a quick boost, try out new laces, maybe ones with ribbons. Here at NICORA we offer an optional fringe on certain styles. Plus, we're not the only ones fighting the good fight. Etsy has a growing collection of shoes, and accessories for the ever increasing, and glorious, and impressive base of conscious consumers, which we love, and certainly consider ourselves a part of. 


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