New Collection releases Summer 2018.

The Yoga of Shoemaking

The Yoga of Shoemaking

Meet Sophia Pozzi and learn how yoga & shoemaking relate:

Q:  Your trained in both shoemaking & yoga… how does shoemaking compare to yoga?

A: In yoga, there is always a next step, another pose to work on. You are always learning. That’s why it’s called a practice—there’s no end. Shoemaking is similar in that that you can make the same pair over and over but there are always ways to challenge yourself and to stretch your mind. Also, working with your hands is very meditative.
A: I always knew I wanted to make shoes and work in footwear, but when I dove into yoga and yoga philosophy, the ideologies didn’t align. This led me to drop my fashion dreams after learning how polluting and harmful the industry is.  
      My favorite yoga philosophy comes from the Yamas & the Niyamas—Ahimsa: the practice of non-violence. I personally practice (keyword: practice) Ahimsa in many ways: 
1. towards myself by loving and treating myself well
2. towards others by treating them as you would like to be treated
3. towards the planet by being as green and treading as lightly as possible
4. towards animals by lots of snuggling with animals that are nearby :) … and not contributing to industries that cause harm to animals out of my reach, ie not eating or purchasing animal products or products that have been tested on animals.
           The silver lining—Once I found NICORA, I knew I had found a way to combine my love of shoes while still keeping my yogi principles. NICORA truly lives up to Ahimsa. I love knowing that the materials used aren’t toxic to us and don’t pollute our environment, animals aren’t harmed for their hides, the shoemakers are respected for their craft and paid a livable wage in LA, plus the shoes are amazing….win win all around and happy feet for me!
Q: What's it like working for a start-up eco company like NICORA ?
A: It’s exciting! You are always learning something new, it keeps you on your toes, and it’s so rewarding to interact with customers that are just as excited about the shoes as you are.
Q: Is it true that Stephanie requires a morning practice?
A: Absolutely, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Our Chakras must be aligned to make such magical shoes.