Leela Hazzah, Guardian of Lions

In the last 50 years, almost 50% of Africa's lion population has disappeared. Introducing our conservationist & organization of the month: 

Dr. Leela Hazzah, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Lion Guardians.

Leelah Hazzah

Hazzah grew up in Egypt, where lions were extinct - but her family members could still remember hearing their roars. These stories inspired her to pursue a career in lion conservation and help restore lion populations in Africa.

Founded in 2007, Lion Guardians' approach to conservation is grounded in respect for the cultural values of the people co-existing with lions.

In their core area in the Amboseli region of Kenya, they recruit and train Maasai people to mediate conflict, monitor populations and prevent lions from being killed in their communities. Some of these Guardians formerly hunted lions themselves, both as a badge of honor and in retaliation for slain livestock.

Leela Hazzah, The Maasai Lion Guardians

Collectively, Lion Guardian's projects span over a million acres.  

Lion Guardians

We're deep in admiration of their work. We're making a donation to Lion Guardians for every pair of Leela Flats purchased.

Lion Cubs, Lion Guardians

These cubs will grow up to be apex predators and play an important ecological role. They cute, too. 

Written by Anna Mahar


Society For Conservation Biology

Lion Guardians

CNN Hero: Leela Hazzah

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