What is Kind Leather?

Kind Leather is the exclusive material of NICORA. It is engineered to perform better than animal-leather and is the sustainable alternative to other plastic synthetics. It is made from natural and recycled fibers and contains NO plasticizers, PVC or animal products and it does not emit off-gasses. Kind Leather is non-toxic and long-lasting, made in a solar-powered, zero emission factory in Massachusetts. 

Basically Kind Leather is the backbone of our company. It's animal-free, nowhere close to actually being leather, but it behaves just like it, and is even more durable. It's environmentally friendly, sustainable, kind, and most importantly its always evolving. 

We're proud of our operation, and if you have any questions about Kind Leather, e-mail info@nicorashoes.com or click the chat box to the lower right of your screen. 


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