Mission Statement

NICORA Shoes Mission Statement

Our Mission

 We didn’t set out to start or end a controversy with shoes - we just wanted to engineer footwear we could be proud of, ethically and ecologically. Our materials have to meet our Kind Leather™ standards for: Ethics, animal ethics and ecological impact. From our very first pair, NICORA shoes have been made with 100% vegan leather and we remain adamant in constantly improving our materials and production methods. 

We're proud to be uncompromising with our values.

We employ ecological and technological researchers to measure our impact and ensure we can see behind the curtain of our supply chain. We hold ourselves to high standards, all while making the most comfortable and ethical shoes you will ever own. 

All of this makes NICORA a one of a kind company: based on science, founded on ethics, and run by women.

Thank you.

We are extremely proud of the products and services we provide. 
Never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about our operation. 


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