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The Sinclair is our best selling boot and remains unrivaled by the competition. It wears like your favorite pair of vintage boots, while being 100% science and zero skins. Sole is welted the old way, so you won't be seeing any sole splits. When you've worn these to the ground, and you will, no worries because we can re-heel and polish them up like new.

Includes a 1 year product warranty.

Made in the USA. Cruelty-Free & Vegan.

  • Uppers: Black Kind Leather™, our exclusive material made from recycled components. Made in the USA. No plasticizers or PVC. 
  • Liners: Kind Leather™ and antimicrobial fabric. 
  • Soling: VIBRAM soles. Goodyear welted.
  • Water resistant. 
  • Cruelty-Free, Vegan and Made in the USA.
Boot Fit or women's C width, which means wide/regular fit. If you are narrow or prefer a snug fit, you may want to size down 1/2 a size. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Sinclairs in the City

    I live in Vancouver, British Columbia where it starts to rain in September and doesn't stop until April. I have had my Sinclair boots for 2 weeks and have been wearing them almost every day on my walk to and from work in the rain. These boots are so good-looking and so comfortable! They are sturdy and well-made and make me feel good (yay kind leather). I have found they are not fully waterproof (the soles end up damp - not enough to make my feet wet just a bit damp). Overall, really love them. Super happy to find such badass vegan shoes. Just a heads up about the waterproofing.

    Sinclair Black

    Love these boots. Nice craftsmanship and pretty as well. Perfect for casual work days and weekends. Fit is true to size.


    1) Amazing boot! It is NOT cheap looking and was made to last.
    2) This boot is extremely comfortable!
    3) I am usually an 8 but returned for a half size down.
    4) This company is not a fast fashion company and do not ship the next day. They make your shoes when the order comes in-it make take a few weeks (worth the wait).
    5) Just buy a pair!!!

    Not pleased with the quality

    I feel terrible giving this 3 stars. I think the boots very are beautiful and I’m happy to own a pair. I agree with the reviews on how the boots are great quality. However, my pair was just poorly made. These boot are not inexpensive by any means so I was expecting perfection. I was admiring the shoes when I noticed the stitching on my left boot was poorly done and at the front of the boots, the stitches were place into the rubber “welt”. Sorry, I don’t know what the rubber band between the upper part of the shoe and sole is called. However, the stitching was done in a way that it caused multiple cuts along the rubber strip. I am not trying be nit picky, but I'm afraid this will cause water to easily get into the boots and cause the sole to deteriorate quickly. I live in the Northeast, and my city gets plenty of rain and snow during the winter months, so wearing these boot in the rain/snow won’t be an option. Also, the uneven stitching and gashes in the rubber on the left boot just leaves me with a pair of boots that don’t look the same. It sounds weird, but when I look down, I find the different placement of the stitching in the boots quite noticeable. I honestly don't know what to do at this point. For me personally, these boots are a pretty big investment, so I just can’t justify putting in more money to get them repaired anytime soon. The website says the boots have 1 year warranty, but I am not sure what that means for a defect in the shoes. I’m just sad that this was already a big investment for me, yet the poor stitching is a downgrade in quality for me.

    Hello Nina, first off, these boots are fully refundable and come with a warranty so you are welcome to return them at any time and we even pay for the return. As far as your critique on the construction and the uneven stitching, I dare you to try and break those boots sans running them over with your car. This is actually the most sturdy construction in the world. We are one of perhaps 5 factories in the world capable of constructing boots of this quality. Hence the factory gets military, firefighting and safety contracts from all over the world (soon to be vegan of course). We do understand that most people aren't used to seeing handmade shoes (as most are slave or machine assembled) but with respect, you are 100% wrong about the durability and we are proud of our craft and the bookmakers who spent over 12 hours making your pair of boots with over 100 different parts with a minimum of 30 years experience required. It's wonderful. With gratitude, Stephanie. 3rd generation lady bootmaker.
    The best boots

    These boots are as beautiful as they are comfortable. I love how classic they are and that they can be worn casually and a bit more dressed up. I have had mine for about 3 or 4 years and only just realized I could leave reviews! And they last! Such a good investment and my go to fall/winter footwear.